based on this lovely exchange which is also not the first incidence of some feminists taking it upon themselves to mock and devalue the groups of people they are supposedly in support of

but thats how (tumblr grade, 3rd wave) feminism works right

tumblr: fuck bodyshaming! putting someone down based on their appearance is such a shitty thing to do!
tumblr: *1365748 variants of the same 'all girls are beautiful and 90% of boys look like something an elephant just shit out' text post floating around with 40k+ notes each*


I think the reason tumblr hates men is because they expect them to be like those shitty fictional characters they see in anime and supernatural and shit. But then it turns out they are real fucking people who’s main priority is not making you happy and they just can’t handle the truth.

One of the great ironies of this website is everyone tries so hard to be a unique special snowflake, they all blend together in a pile of slush.

I fail to see why truscum people are so bad on Tumblr. They're actually keeping transtrendsters away. It's like cat and mice.

Cause those shitlords invalidate my identity as a plantkin :’^(

If you replace "not all men" with any other race, it's something obvious and understandable. However if it's a larger group that makes up half of the other smaller groups, and you generalize them over that, it's ok. What the fuck.


i’ve noticed it’s become a huge trend for minors on here to use their age as an excuse to get away with being a douche

like they’ll start shit and when they get the backlash they’ll come back around and say “does it make u feel good for harassing a 15 yr old!!!??”

really? you’re going to do that?